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Welcome to Wizard.Net

Wizard.Net would like to be a new language.
At the moment is more a collection of concepts for an experimental language.
- run anywhere (web, windows, smaller devices...)
- supports undo/back buttons
- plugin extensibility

It contains many features already available in many languages and hopefully a few more unique attempts.

Wizard.Net features
These are the primary goals for this project
  • Multiple platform support
  • Undo, redo support
  • Multiple syntax support
  • Statements and Functions
  • Hibernation support
  • Minimizing runtime errors
  • Extensible plugin system

Multiple platform support

At this stage Wizard.Net is developped for Asp.Net, Windows Form and Windows Console.

The multiple platform system is based on the Extensible plugin system|plugin system.

Each platform is implemented in its own plugin and the whole system is designed to be extended to other platform.

For example: Php, Java, Flash, Silverlight, Mobile devices, Mono,...

Undo, redo support

When a user run a Wizard.Net program, at any moment the can run the 'Undo' or 'Redo' commands.

This suport is possible because every individual statement and variables i n the language has the ability to undo and redo.

Multiple syntax support

At this stage Wizard.Net supports a C# and VB style syntax.

The framework is extensible to allow more languages.

Statements and Functions

Wizard makes a big distinction between Statements and Functions.

A function in Wizard is purely functional. It takes parameters and return a value, but cannot change anything.

For example you can write a function that takes a parameter a and b and returns it sum.

You cannot however make a functions that change its parameter or even print to the screen.

Fortunately you can use statements to change variables or print to screen.

Statements also have the ability to be undone, redone and hibernated.

Hibernation support

Any program can be hibernated and run again later, possibly by someone else even on another machine.

Minimizing runtime errors

I am trying to make a language that never shows an error message.

If a statement fail, the user can potentially return to the previous statement and choose another path.

Extensible plugin system

The Wizard compiler and Runtime load dynamically libraries.

You can add a new library (a .dll file), and it will integrate in the system.

A full new platform can be added this way.

Alternatively you can have a plugin that add the statements or functions you need on the platform you choose.


The project is at the moment released under "GNU Library General Public License".
A commercial license will be added when this project reaches maturity.

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